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"Of Shifting Shadows" engaged the critical, creative and technical collaboration of a high-caliber and dedicated group of professionals including:

Programmer, Don Sinclair (new media artist and York University professor)

Director of Readings, Philip Shepherd (writer, Artistic Director of Phyzikal Theatre)

Narrator, Veronika Hurnik (stage and screen actor, founder of Bananafish Co.)

Dancer, Roula Said (of Doula and Maza Meze fame)

Sound Designer, Scott Kennedy (Sonic Workshop, and corporategiant.com)

Videographer, Alina Martiros (independent filmmaker)

On-line Editor, David Findlay (multidisciplinary artist and media producer, wonderdread.com)

Music Composer and Producer, Gary Atkins (feature film composer, Xhosa Productions)

Technical Writer, Marlene Ziobrowski (Lucidtech Communications, lucidtech.nu)

Art Director, Bita Javan (aka Gita Hashemi, exisle creations)

Story Editor and Co-Producer, Iraj Rahmani (published Iranian-Canadian novelist/poet)

Producer, Suzie Mukherjee (independent film and new media producer)

Writer, Producer and Director, Gita Hashemi (multidiciplinary artist, cultural activist, educator)

"Of Shifting Shadows" was produced through a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, and with the assistance of InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre.

About    |    Reviews    |    Purchase Info    |    Home